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Regio Nuts is active in manufacturing exporting dried fruit such as Cashew Nuts, Pistachios, Raisins, dried apricot, Walnuts, Peanuts and etc. from India. The company has been founded to pursue the aim of providing the best services to its overseas customers and exporting dried fruit to the farthest corners of the globe.

Quality of Regio Nuts

The world class product range.

Regio Nuts is to provide the market with the best quality products, which calls for preparing the raw materials with care, sorting with precision, and supplying the products in the most distinctive packages. The company has succeeded in expanding the market for its products and exporting different types of Cashew Nuts such as pistachio, raisin, Almonds & Mixed Nuts etc to 15 countries namely Uk, Canada, Spain, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Russia, Egypt, South Korea, Germany, Bulgaria, Armenia, and Singapore or others.

With good products, make it advantages for our customers & a many people.

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Environment Friendly Methods

If you're looking for a healthy snack, nuts might seem like a sure-fire win. But there are ways to go very, very wrong with picking up some nuts, so let's take a look at some that are both good for you and good for the environment, some that might ruin all of your best intentions, and some that might even make you sick.